During my time at Indiegogo, I worked in the Commerce Team as a Product Manager Intern. We focused on scaling our new Marketplace offering through product discovery and automated merchant features.

Marketplace Performance

May-Aug 2017

Indiegogo Product Marketplace
My summer team


The Product Marketplace is a result of Indiegogo's nonstop efforts to diversify their crowdfunding product lines. Launched in Q4 2017, the Product Marketplace allows consumers access to the most innovative products before they hit major retailers.

Order Tracking
Released August 2017


Led development on multifaceted product with features for entrepreneurs, customers, and Indiegogo administrators. Though an intern, I was the sole product manager on a team of three engineers and one designer.

Customer Features:

Allowed users to track their shipments natively inside Indiegogo. Facilitated automatic emails and tracking status updates through the EasyPost API.

Entrepreneur Features:

Created tracking number import feature, which automatically verified statuses and updated respective customers upon upload.

Admin Features:

Enabled scalable payment system by tying entrepreneur disbursements to “fulfilled” tracking statuses. Entrepreneurs automatically get paid when they ship their products.

Discovery Experience Revamp
Pending Q4 2017 Release


Managed product design, user research, and resourcing on large scale upgrade to Indiegogo’s “Explore” page. Incorporated the new Marketplace offering into Indiegogo’s current crowdfunding product lines. Pending Q4 2017 release.


Balanced suggestions and feedback between stakeholders from design, engineering, marketing, and sales teams. Allocated human resources to meet Q4 launch goal.

Design + Development:

Led creation of new Explore experience with more relevant filters, cleaner interface, and inclusion of products from the new Indiegogo Marketplace.


Coordinated messaging with entrepreneur-facing business teams for Indiegogo’s new look.