Halfy hour

I contracted with food startup Halfy Hour to make surplus food more accessible — helping restaurants reduce food waste and providing customers with awesome discounts.

scope of work


Halfy Hour is a food tech startup based in San Francisco that aims to reduce food prices and food waste by allowing restaurants to sell their surplus meals at a discount.


How can Halfy Hour optimize their app for sign ups and checkout? From a graphic interface perspective, how can we create a unique and easily recognizable experience?


Over the course of Summer 2016, I created a redesign of Halfy Hours iOS app from scratch. As Halfy Hour’s first target audience was college students (and specifically students in Berkeley), I was able to smoothly proceed with a user-centered design approach.

For this broad project, I mapped out a 2-Part process:

  • Experience Workflow
  • Branding/Design Inventory

User experience Design
Initiative 1

Design Methodology:

In anticipation of designing a completely new flow, I spoke extensively with the Halfy Hour Team to understand the nuances of their vision. I turned each need into a design-oriented question: “How might users find nearby Halfy Hour partner restaurants?” How might restaurants list food and verify paid orders?” “How might users go from in-app payment to in-store pickup?”

Workflow Style:

In an effort to make implementation easy for the engineers, I documented each step in the workflow with context notes and design justifications.

Brand inventory
Initiative 2

Design Methodology:

In designing the Halfy Hour graphic inventory, I wanted to create a unique color palette that would “pop” on mobile and build a logoset that offered insight to the company mission. I began with pen and paper, and moved to Sketch for the high-fidelity work.